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One Note-Atmospheres.jpg

One Note Atmospheres

Soundscapes in slow motion

- 32 Presets suitable for Ambient
including 22 Pad & atmospheres, 5 SFXs, 2 Basses, 3 Keys.

- All sounds are assigned to
modulation wheel and 4 macro knobs.

- 'True Tone' to make it bloom or using easy purpose,
it makes sound morphing dramatically.

- Requires Pigments 3 or higher.

Introducing : One Note Atmospheres

From sound designer WeatherM,
a selection of sounds designed to deliver instant atmosphere and depth with a single key.
Slowly evolving drones, layered hybrid textures,
and sounds stretched into granular infinity using the multi-engine architecture and intricate routing of Pigments.

Additional comment from WeatherM

From when I made very first preset until now, I have a small but unbreakable philosophy about my sounds.
All sounds are should be very original, and it should gives inspire to you... with just pressing one key.
I promise - while I make over thousand presets in various synthesizers, none of the sounded alike.

I tried to make something new feature on this soundbank.

You can fi
nd 'True Tone' macro knob in most pad presets, it makes sound centralize and simplify.
Use 'True Tone'
for an easy purpose, and reverse 'True Tone' to make it bloom.
Also, I wrote useful tips ea
ch every presets thanks to some feature of Pigments.


This Soundbank is an extension of my small philosophy.
But it contains bit of very unique feature.
And also, some bass and keys were simulated physical specifics without any sample.
Examining those points would also be interesting.


May the atmospheres surround you.

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