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Total Atmospheres

-Total 100 presets(2.3GB),

comes from WeatherM's commercial soundbanks

such as Dreamer, World Elements, The Planet and so on.

-All sounds are contains original sound source only

without any edit or modulation such as

filter and fx... so you can edit it whatever you like.

-Supported key range C3 ~ C7.

-Requires Image-Line Direct Wave

All sounds in one sampler
WeatherM has been making a lot of sounds for ambient music.

On Zebra2, Harmor, Serum, and more...

But not sure all ambient lovers are haves same synthesizer, so I decided record them as sample.

Best of them

Where comes from these sounds?

Dreamer, World Elements, The Planet... all sounds were comes from my commercial soundbanks.

In the Total Atmospheres, included only the best of them, and it contains some of unreleased sounds too.
Total Atmospheres
completely free for all Direct Wave & FL Studio users.
Take Total Atmospheres, take best atmospheres!

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