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Soundscapes from Shadows

-Total 70 Presets(.fst only) including
Dark / gloomy / experimental / harsh / lush sounds.

-Image / Audio re-synthesis based presets.

-All presets are assigned X/Y/Z pad.
Each controllers(X/Y/Z) are programmed aimed at morphing in most cases, it makes sounds more complex and creativity.

-Requires Image-Line Harmor VSTi 1.3 or higher, or requires

FL Studio 11.5 and activated Harmor if you using FLi version.

Download free

Introducing : World Elements 2
The sequel of the most beautiful sounds Harmor can play ever is back.
World Elements is an Ambient sound bank that has consistently received lot of attention by Harmor users.
Compared to the earlier version, ‘World Elements 2’ has leveled up its usability as well as volume.

Synthesized without re-synthesis

By having an entire preset not using Image/Audio Re-synthesis,
‘World Elements 2’ gives a definite clear sound and has a very small capacity after compression which is about 300kb.
Sound made like this not only has a better clarity, but also a broad chance in customizing

if you are skilled in synthesizing as well.

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