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Astro Nature

HARMLESS Soundbank born for space

-Total 85 Presets (.fst only) including :
Pads, Atmospheres, Basses, Hits, Percussions.

-Requires Image-Line Harmless.

Harmless is not interesting?

Some people says sounds of Harmless ain't interesting, but their think will change when they met Astro Nature.

Astro Nature includes most well-programmed presets than any other Harmless soundbank.
And it's ready to instantly use on your Ambient / Cinematic / Drone tracks.

Born for space

Astro Nature comes with 85 sounds inspired from huge universe.
Basses - sometimes hard and sometimes soft.
Percussions - huge and sharp.
And hit sounds - inspired by atmospheres.
They will support the pads and atmospheres, which will serve as the main sound sources of Astro Nature.
This is a ticket for a ride that will guide you towards the huge universe.

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